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Proto Tyrant (T-001 Model) (プロトタイラント puroto-tairanto?) was an experimental subject which served as the prototype for the later Tyrants. Despite its primitive design in comparison to later B.O.W.s, it nonetheless demonstrated the "bare ferocity" that earned its series the name "Tyrant".[2][excerpt 1]


The T-001 was created by the Arklay Laboratory's Tyrant Project team as part of their research into creating intelligent human bio-weapons for military use. The prototype was created ahead of the T-002, which was to perfect upon the prototype.[3] Due to what was determined to be an overdose of t-Virus during the initial infection,[2][3] the test subject suffered from a number of unforeseen adverse effects, including a defective nervous system, reduced intelligence and the acute exfoliation of its epidermis. Although the resulting creature possessed monstrously powerful strength, the reduction in its intelligence lead to it being deemed a failure, and it was placed in storage at NEST awaiting disposal.[2] However, it was released when the Queen Leech attacked on 24 July. The T-001 went on to fight S.T.A.R.S. officers Dr. Albert Wesker and Rebecca Chambers, as well as ex-Marine Second Lieutenant Billy Coen. Although it provided a challenge, it was defeated after three separate encounters, and destroyed in the ensuing self-destruct sequence of the Umbrella Training Facility.



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