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The Prototype virus (tentative) was a unique strain of the t-Virus that was developed as part of Project W.[1][excerpt 1]


Wesker virus

Wesker injecting himself with the virus.

The Prototype strain was developed for use in "Project W," advanced by Umbrella founder Oswell E. Spencer as part of a special screening process for identifying the most genetically gifted of the Wesker children. Only two of the thirteen remaining test subjects survived: Albert Wesker and Alex Wesker. They survived largely due to special genetic markers.

Albert had injected the virus, which was given to him by William Birkin[2] on July 24, 1998, during the Mansion Incident. This allowed him to survive impalement from the T-002 and to escape the Spencer Mansion before the Triggering System had detonated, unbeknownst to Umbrella and the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members. The power gained from the virus allowed Albert to become a global threat.

Alex had injected the virus sometime after contracting an illness. She had survived the infection but lacked certain unique physical benefits that Albert had possessed. Alex had attempted to commit suicide in 2011 during the Sein Island incident, but had only entered a dormant state due to the virus and awoke in a body mutated by her own T-Phobos Virus.

Effects of Infection[]

This virus increases the metabolism of its host, giving them incredible superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, and a healing factor. Its healing factor and superhuman endurance can take effect as soon as the subject is infected, allowing them to withstand fatal wounds and illnesses.[Note 1] The virus potentially slows down the aging process to some degree.[citation needed]

Advanced subjects are able to gain the full benefits of the virus.[Note 2] The virus's effects are limited to muscle tissue and the lower organs, leaving the brain relatively intact. This breakthrough means that the subject's mind is retained and no ill effects take place, provided they carry a special gene for adapting to the virus.


Wesker's glowing Red Cat-like eyes pupils.

The virus has a unique effect on ocular tissue. The only visible effect of the virus is the way it affects the subject's eyes: the appearance of the pupils is altered, narrowed down to resemble slits (similar to a feline or a reptile), and the eye color is changed to a yellow or red hue. In addition, the eyes also develop a form of periodic bio-illumination, glowing a deep shade of red whenever the subject feels an intense emotion, such as anger. Despite this, the virus does not have much impact on light-based visual processing of the eyes.[Note 3] Advanced subjects have demonstrated the ability to move faster than the naked eye in short bursts, indicating the possibility that these subjects can process visual information much more quickly than a normal human.[3][4][5]

The virus itself is extremely selective. If the host does not possess certain "superior" genes, it will kill them. If a person possesses such genes, the virus will turn into a benefit, granting them abilities far beyond those of a normal human. However, if the host is weakened, such as due to an illness, the benefits of the virus will also weaken.

Despite the benefits, the virus is very unstable, so the host must regularly inject a special serum based on "t" — PG67A/W — to keep it under control, otherwise it will cause the host's abilities to atrophy.[Note 4] The serum itself must be given in very precise dosages, lest it act like more of a poison and damage the host from the inside.


  1. In the Japanese version of the Virus Memo in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, it is made clear that the virus doesn't actually revive the dead host, but rather strengthens the host enough to only render them unconscious from otherwise extremely fatal wounds, as well as heal them within five minutes to wake up.
  2. Alex Wesker does not possesses the strength, speed, and agility that Albert Wesker displays. This is thought to be a result of being infected with the virus while not in peak physical condition.
  3. This is proven when Chris Redfield turned out the lights in Resident Evil 5 and it blinded Wesker due to his sunglasses being used in the dark, which ultimately led to his poisoning.
  4. In the cutscene where Jill calls in to tell Chris and Sheva about Wesker's one weakness relating to the prototype virus, both Sheva and Jill specifically state that if Wesker doesn't take a regular injection of the serum in the time allotted, it would cause him to weaken, indicating that his abilities atrophy as a result of missing an injection
  1. Excerpt from UMBRELLA CHRONICLES Official Guidebook, p.126: "タイラントの手で絶命したはずのウェスカーだったが、t-ウィルスとの融合に成功して復活。死を乗り越えたウェスカーの、洋館からの脱出劇が始まった。"
    Translation: "Wesker should have died at the hands of the Tyrant, but successfully assimilated with the t-Virus and was resurrected. Having overcome death, Wesker begins his dramatic escape from the mansion."