"An explosive device that can be planted on the ground. The device is set off by enemies in close proximity to it."
— Item Examination

A Proximity Bomb (Land Mine) is a bomb found in Resident Evil 5, which is hooked up to a pressure pad and releases the explosive charge when somebody goes within range of the blast. When a Majini or another enemy steps on it, it releases a large explosion that does 1,500 damage in a direct hit, and 1,000 damage to surrounding enemies. It can be found in many different boxes and barrels, and can be purchased anytime after Chapter 2-2.

For gameplay reasons, players cannot set off the Proximity Bomb by stepping on it. Though, if they are standing in range when an enemy sets it off, they will be hurt by the explosion. Also, if it hasn't detonated, the player can pick it up again. Note that you can set off the Proximity Bomb by shooting at it.

The proximity mine also appears in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2's "end of the road" scenario. In this case, the player must avoid the mines laid by the UBCS; It also appears in Elimination 3 scenario, where a player needs the Mine Detector in order to avoid them.

Further notes

  • In Outbreak File # 2, after Rodriguez escapes through his chopper, Zombies will appear in the areas where the landmines are placed, and they can eventually step on them, getting killed instantly.
  • Proximities also make an appearance in The Mercenaries: 3D.


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