Anderson universe
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The family of psychopaths.

When the T-Virus swept the world and turn most of the human population into the Undead, the family took shelter in an abandoned and desolate radio station in Salt Lake City. After they barricaded the entrances they started to lose what sanity they had left and painted various messages on the walls such as "Burn them" and biblical symbols. When they turned completely mad, they started to actually enjoy their situation and take advantage of it. They captured [[Cerberus]]s and caged them so they could send out false radio signals and alert survivors that they need food and medical supplies. When the survivors arrived, they would be robbed of their supplies and put in the cage of dogs so the family can watch the fight for their entertainment.

When Alice arrived, the group immediately took her guns and knives. The oldest brother, Eddie, saw Alice and attempted to rape her before she broke his neck. She was thrown into the dog pit, with the psychopaths releasing said dogs before watching. Alice fought them off but they still kept coming at her. She grabbed loose electric wires and tied them around the walls and to the Cerberus who started to sprint, causing the above floor to collapse. The dogs climbed up and killed the entire family while Alice grabbed her weapons and escaped.