The Public Assembly is a location that appears in Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 5

The area first appears in Chapter 1-1. When Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar enter a building, they observe as Reynard Fisher is publicly beheaded by the Executioner while Majini cheer in the street. The BSAA agents' cover is blown when the Instigator Majini spots them in the window and commands fellow Majini to attack.

Players have the option to hide inside a house for the battle, but this becomes impractical when the Executioner decides to enter the conflict. One swing of his axe can level fences and walls, leaving the duo with little cover. However, the Executioner cannot jump or climb, so high ground is recommended to avoid him.

Notable loot includes the VZ61 machine gun and many Hand Grenades.

The conflict ends when Kirk Mathison arrives in a helicopter and blows up a gate that was impeding Chris's route to mission coordinates. Chapter 1-2 begins here, but any loot that was not picked up by players previously will be gone.

The next area in the game is the Urban District.


Further notes

  • When the player first arrives here, a loud civil unrest is heard. However, if the player adjusts his or her camera angle with the right analog, he or she can see that the area is completely vacant.



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