The Ithaca shotgun is a Weapon Card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game here called the Pump-Action Shotgun. It is one of the most basic weapons in the game and besides the Automatic Shotgun, makes up the Shotgun deck of the Resource Area. The shotgun is an easy way to introduce new players to the concept of extra Explores. Like all the Shotgun Cards that came after it, its simple effect is giving the player using it +1 Explore. Using it by itself for the multiple Explores is not wise, since it does not hit for very much damage. But putting it in the hands of Chris Redfield, or the alternate Chris Redfield based on his Lost in Nightmares appearance. The former gains extra damage for each Infected he's fighting while the latter gains an additional Explore with his second effect. The Pump-Action Shotgun has a Gold Cost of 40, an ammo requirement of 40, and deals 25 Damage.


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