The Pump-action Shotgun is the first shotgun obtained in the 2002 remake of Resident Evil, and replaced the Shotgun from the original Resident Evil. It is based on the Winchester 1897 shotgun.


It is found on the first floor on the east side of the mansion. The weapon is, unfortunately, booby trapped, but can be easily acquired by exchanging the shotgun for a broken one, thereby keeping the trap (a falling ceiling) from being triggered. This weapon can also be acquired without the broken shotgun on Jill's scenario, as Barry Burton will rescue Jill from the ceiling crusher by shooting out the lock on the room and dragging Jill out. However, Chris will still need the broken shotgun to obtain it as he will be killed by the trap. Both Chris and Jill hold the weapon by the hip, although Chris will aim from the shoulder during the Yawn, Plant 42, and Tyrant battles.

The weapon is very powerful at close range, but suffers decreased damage as enemies move farther away. Aiming at an enemies head gives a high chance of decapitating them, instantly killing them, preventing crimson heads if the victim is a standard zombie. It is possible to hit multiple enemies at once using this weapons spread.

Examine Description

"Fires 12 Gauge Shells. A weapon that is capable of firing wide-range."


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