The Punisher (パニッシャー panisshā?) is a handgun featured in Resident Evil 4. In the maingame, it can either be bought or awarded for completing a sidequest. Its most notable feature is its ability to penetrate targets. The Punisher takes up 6 spaces (3x2) of inventory space and uses the common Handgun Ammo.


The Punisher can be bought for 20,000Pts from the Merchant starting at Chapter 1-3. However, it can be obtained for free upon completion of the "Blue Medallions" subquest by shooting at least 10 of the 15 medallions. If all 15 are shot, the Punisher will be available free but with the added free bonus of a firepower upgrade on the weapon.

The Punisher has the ability to shoot through two targets. If two enemies stand in a line and shot at, both will be hit. This will also shoot through enemies holding wooden shields and some armored enemies. The Punisher's critical hit chance does not reset from piercing, thus it is possible to critical hit an enemy with penetration. It is the second weakest of all guns (weakest being the TMP). The weapon is also more stable than the Handgun, making longer range shots much easier.

Its exclusive upgrade gives it the capability to shoot through five targets, making it even better at holding off hordes of ganados.

The Punisher is present in Ada's inventory in the Assignment Ada minigame.

In the Mercenaries minigame, Ada also has this weapon in her load out. (with the Exclusive upgrade ability)

Tune up chartEdit

Fire Speed and Reload Speed are given in seconds.

The Punisher costs 296,000₧ to buy and fully upgrade, 276,000₧ if the player shot 10 medallions and got the weapon free, or 266,000₧ if the player shot all 15 medallions and got the weapon free with the upgrade.

Level Fire Power Cost Fire Speed Cost Reload Speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 0.9 N/A 0.47 N/A 1.70 N/A 10 N/A
2 1.1 10,000₧ 0.40 10,000₧ 1.47 8,000₧ 13 8,000₧
3 1.3 15,000₧ 0.33 20,000₧ 0.83 18,000₧ 16 10,000₧
4 1.5 20,000₧ 20 15,000₧
5 1.7 25,000₧ 24 18,000₧
6 1.9 35,000₧ 28 24,000₧
Exclusive Increase penetration from 2 target to 5 40,000₧


  • Examine

"This 9mm handgun will blast a hole through two enemies!"

  • Fully upgraded Examine

"Now this 9mm handgun will blast a hole through 5 enemies!"

  • Merchant's comment

"A wise choice mate. Its ammo will penetrate just about anything."

  • Exclusive

"This ammo will penetrate up to 5 bodies."


  • If you plan on not upgrading the Handgun, taking the time to get the Punisher will be worth it as the free upgraded one is stronger and has the piercing perk. Do this anyway if you plan on using the other handguns as they won't be available until later and you will make a little money selling the two earlier guns.
  • As often as possible, make use of its piercing ability. When there is open space, line up enemies to hit two targets.
  • During the cabin fight, standing at the top of the stairs easily lets you hit multiple enemies.
  • Use this gun during the cable car portion. Since enemies are knocked off when hit by anything, and are oftentimes standing adjacent to each other, one round from the Punisher can knock them off two at a time.
  • When shooting at enemies with shields, it still may be hard to completely break them. Use it to cause shield bearers to fall to their knees, creating choke points and opening large groups of enemies up for grenades.
  • Ada's Punisher in the Mercenaries is extremely useful. A skilled player will discover fairly quickly that a headshot from the Punisher followed by a Fan Kick is almost always a critical hit, allowing the player to rack up large combos without using their rarer rifle or TMP ammo.

Further notesEdit

The Punisher was included as a weapon in the mobile Resident Evil: Degeneration tie-in video game.


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