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Purge Bomb
Purge Bomb N/A
Description A high-level explosive device used by the Umbrella Corporation

The Purge bomb is an explosive device used in Resident Evil: Afterlife.


Designed by the Umbrella Corporation, the purge bomb is an explosive with the ability to eradicate or level large areas. The effect of the explosion is akin to that of an nuclear weapon; the release of energy expands outward into a circular shape, destroying everything in its path before dissipating. It is likely standard with all underground Umbrella facilities (so one wonders why they didn't use it on the Hive) and also highlights the arrogance and lack of concern Umbrella has; since the facilities are located underneath major population centres, purging them would destroy most of the surrounding area and kill hundreds of people.

When he was escaping the underground headquarters in Tokyo, Albert Wesker used the bomb to destroy the Alice clones that besieged the headquarters; in the process of killing the clones, the bomb destroyed a significant part of Tokyo. He would later attempt to destroy Arcadia with another purge bomb, only to find the device in his aircraft. The bomb destroyed the ship, but Wesker managed to survive, leaping from the aircraft in the midst of its explosion.

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