"The markings on the piece indicate that it was once set in something."
— Item examination

The Purple Gem is a treasure item in Resident Evil 4. It is a rare gem that can be set into the Elegant Mask, along with the Red Gem and Green Gem. It is worth 3,000₧ if sold by itself.


There are two found in the main game. The first is found on a bucket during hanging above the path during the second El Gigante fight in Chapter 2-3. After you get it, you can turn around and go on the left path to get the Red Gem.

In the Gamecube version, the second is found in Chapter 4-1 on a statue. The same room where the King and Queen Grails are placed. In all other versions, it is found in Chapter 3-2 on a wall in the room where you place the Lion, Goat, and Serpent pieces together. In Separate Ways, there is only one found in Chapter 1. It is in the church Ashley is held in.



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