The Pyramid (ピラミッド piramiddo?)[1] is an area of the Ndipaya underground city. It appears in Chapter 4-2 of Resident Evil 5.



The Pyramid consists of three floors of puzzles where the goal is to redirect light beams into an actuator. It is suggested that while one partner redirects the beams, the other player stand on elevated ground, as being grazed by the beam results in immediate death.

On the third and final floor, the player may optionally open two treasure rooms by navigating the beam to the orb of the skeleton statue. Opening the central chest is inadvisable, as the only result is a large group of Bui Kichwa.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The dead corpse inside the trap room Investigate A trap? What a way to go...
The dead corpse inside the burning room Investigate It's some kind of altar. Fire's done a real number here.


First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor



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