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The Quad Tower (クアッドタワー kuaddo tawā?) was a four-towered skyscraper complex in the Tatchi district of Lanshiang. The complex was destroyed following the 2013 Lanshiang bioterror incident.


Construction began sometime before 2013, financed through the Simmons Foundation and overseen by Dr. Carla Radames, a senior researcher employed by The Family. The Quad Tower and the Vinci Medical Research Centre near Poisawan served as a public façade for Radames' illegal bioweapons research, conducted in secret on hundreds of civilians who were snatched from the street or otherwise lured inside.[1]

On 30 June 2013, Radames severed all ties with The Family and launched a massive operation against the Chinese military, seizing weapons and vehicles from several capital ships and turning them on the civilian population south of the Kwanwing River. While Tatchi was not the focus of the massacres, being to the north, the BSAA fortified the Quad Tower as a contingency, and evacuated residents to it for safety. At 23:29, Radames was confirmed dead by her Neo Umbrella paramilitary, and per a series of contingencies, a missile modified to disperse a gas cloud contaminated with C-Virus was fired over Tatchi shortly before midnight. The Quad Tower was consumed by the cloud, which mutated all those who inhaled the particulates, with the BSAA operators in the amphitheater being killed by Derek C. Simmons, the leader of The Family, who had himself been infected.

During the early hours of 1 July, Quad Tower suffered extensive damage, either as a result of the chaotic fighting in the city or from attempts by Neo Umbrella to destroy the building. Fires spread around the building, being most extreme at the lower levels and working upward. Several bridges were seen to have outright collapsed, while the elevators leading from the amphitheatre were destroyed in part from attempts by Simmons to kill survivors. A number of survivors are known to have made it to the rooftop, fleeing from the Zombies. Ada Wong was able to save several civilians before landing a helicopter on the roof, though it is uncertain if they were ultimately able to escape the building as the helicopter itself was flown out by American agents Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper.[2]


The Quad Tower complex consisted of four trapezoid-shaped skyscrapers built around an octagonal amphitheatre, at the centre of which was a long silver obelisk. The towers themselves were connected through a series of bridges, both between their neighbours through the sides of the complex and between their opposites through the centre. Each tower had two elevator shafts built at the amphitheatre, allowing a total of eight cars to ride from the base to the rooftop. If needed, the rooftop of at least one of the towers was reinforced to carry the weight of a helicopter.


Further notes[]

  • The design of the Quad Tower as being in the shape of the Umbrella logo was decided on early in Resident Evil 6's development, though where exactly this shape would be revealed to the players was not decided until later. Ultimately this would be shown at the end of Leon Chapter 5.[3]
  • During development of Resident Evil 6, South Korean fans took notice of the four tower government complex in Daejeon which displayed an octagonal courtyard which resembled the Umbrella logo. It was for a time the subject of memes. While this was initially spotted in 2010 it reached mainstream attention in September 2012 ahead of the game's release.[4]


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