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(Unique game aspects not part of story canon)

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Queen Zenobia Cruise Lines is a non-canon ARG made for the advertisement of Resident Evil: Revelations. Its basis is the Queen Zenobia's owners who, in the ARG, is named "Queen Zenobia Cruise Lines".

In-game story

Queen Zenobia Cruise Lines is a budget cruise line active in the Mediterranean, founded by Lodovico Boccaccio in 1996. In March 2003 it was announced that owing to recent deaths stemming from poor hygiene, the company was going through an overhaul and would be moving out of Terragrigia.[1]

Hidden content

The about page for the official website contains a hidden clue. Highlighting the text, a message is revealed, saying "the password is ghost ship".

The gallery page, which shows pictures of some of the people who had taken the cruise to Trapani, Sicily. The bottom-left picture of a rather-unhappy man, when clicked upon, reveals his face in a zombie-esque manner on the viewing window. Rather than spell out his name, the photograph instead reads "557801BSAA0999".


  • About Us Page hidden code: NAN88744BSAA1011
  • Zombified Tourist: 557801BSAA0999
  • Reviews page Source Code: 009854BSAA7410
  • Sweepstakes Entry page: 584135BSAA7410
  • Press Release: 571891BSAA0001
  • Terragrigia Information video link: 990123BSAA1355
  • Ticket Error: 519043BSAA1786
  • Terragrigia Promo: 121770BSAA9987
  • Agaeon promo: 124555BSAA9980
  • Valentine's Day Promo: 345212BSAA1145


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