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The Queen Zenobia Incident (クイーン・ゼノビア事件 Kuīn zenobia jiken?)[1] was a biological outbreak on board a set of cruise ships in 2005, which revealed a large-scale conspiracy over what happened in the Terragrigia Panic the previous year.

The goal of the conspiracy was to engineer a perceived bioterrorist threat in order to generate universal fear, and ultimately increase the powers of the FBC (and therefore Lansdale, himself), while also enabling the creation of a vaccine to the t-Abyss virus. A counter-conspiracy was engineered by BSAA director Clive R. O'Brian, who gained intelligence on Lansdale's intentions via a mole.


The Veltro factor[]

The first part in the plan was for the Montpellier Marine University to research into Bio Organic Weapons production with "The Abyss", a deep-sea virus that was found to increase aggressiveness in infected fish.[2] Mated with the t-Virus, it was handed over to an organization known as "Il Veltro", a group of followers who, like Lansdale, were aware of Dante Alighieri's Divina Commedia ("Divine Comedy"), and felt that society had degenerated into a living version of Dante's epic poem, Inferno. The poem describes hell as having separate "circles" for various sinners (e.g. gluttony; lust and heresy).

Becoming an armed terrorist organization, Il Veltro, thanks to Morgan - their "financier" - made preparations to use the virus in the Mediterranean island city of Terragrigia.

Fear and opportunity[]

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Sometime in 2004, Veltro launched their UAVs from one of their bases, the repurposed cruise liner Queen Zenobia (and possibly its sister ship, the Queen Semiramis). Armed with the virus and large numbers of Hunter B.O.W.s (Whether they developed them on their own or were acquired in some manner is unknown), the attack was launched on Terragrigia. The devastating panic led to the FBC being called in. After two weeks, it was decided by the FBC head, Commissioner Lansdale, that they must destroy the city.

O'Brian was angered by Lansdale's act; in doing so he destroyed potential evidence that could be used to prevent another such tragedy;[3] in reality, Lansdale was removing evidence implicating himself in the outbreak.[4] While many lives of the task force servicemen and women were saved, O'Brian warned Lansdale that groups like Veltro would return, and perhaps even multiply.[3] The mission was otherwise a success: the city was sterilized and Veltro, themselves were wiped out.



With Veltro out of the picture, Lansdale had research teams take over the two cruise liners. The objective for these men and women was to prepare a vaccine to the t-Abyss virus, after first examining how the virus reacted to human beings - hence the deliberate infection of the Veltro members. For the next year the team researched the vaccine. When it was done and their report handed in, Lansdale, who had remote access to the ship's security, locked down the ship and released the B.O.W.s from cryogenic sleep. Ensuring, again, that evidence linking to him was removed, Lansdale had always intended for research members like Ryan to die that night.

The counter-conspiracy[]

In the summer of 2005, Jill and Parker were invited to the Italian coast to see the remnants of Terragrigia after it's destruction the year prior by O'Brian where they see dead Globster washed ashore with one of them contains the viral sample of T-Abyss which was determined to have been originated from the sank ship Queen Dido, the third sister of the ships Zenobia and Semiramis which had been used during Il Veltro's attacks but had sunk in FBC's exclusion zone and prevents from any further exploration.

Sometime after, O'Brian have spread a rumour that Veltro had been re-activated and had based themselves in a European mountain range, prompting an investigation by BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat onto an nearby Valkoinen Mökki Airport with the pair found a base of operations for Il Veltro. This discovery prompts O'Brian to send out Quint Cetcham and Keith Lumley to the location in order to find out more about their operations. During their investigation, they had found evidences of an new breed of hunter that was infected with T-Abyss and the cause of the plane's crash along with footages of an Veltro operative being violently mauled to death who held an security token for the plane crash. The pair recovers the USB and heads towards the crash site. Along the way, the agents are attacked by packs of infected dogs and hunters but manages to survive the encounter. Quint access the computer and finds the coordinates of the ghost ship that Jill and Parker are supposedly trapped on.

Meanwhile, instructions were sent to two FBC agents, Rachel Foley and Raymond Vester, to prepare a trap on the Queen Zenobia. Tying a Chris Redfield mannequin in Room 303 and raising a Veltro flag, it would appear to someone from behind that he had been captured, and that was the trap - to bring BSAA agent Jill Valentine into a trap. During the operation, Rachel was attacked by multiple T-Abyss mutants and eventually killed in front of Valentine who was still looking ways to get inside the locked room. Retrieving the key from Rachel and making her way into the room, she and Parker Luciani were knocked unconscious. Sometime after, they regain consciousness and reunites with the pair intend to contact HQ through the bridge's communication system only to find that it had been sabotaged and destroyed. Amidst the confusion, Vester had secretly destroys the tug boat and renders them trapped inside the vessel while shifting the blame towards Il Veltro. Suddenly, Jill is held hostage by FBC operative Vester but manages to free herself from the attacker's grasp much to the shock of Parker who is surprised of the former's cadet presence on the vessel. Vester eventually departs from the two and secretly heads to the emergency communication center and destroys it with Valentine and Luciani follows soon after to find the aftermath with Vester still feigning ignorance. Determined to contact back to the HQ, Valentine and Luciani navigates through the flooded lower decks above the bilge with them engaging with the resilient and mutated Foley along the way. The agents successfully reaches to O'Brian through the radio transmission tower above the deck and is informed of Redfield and Sherawat heading towards their coordinates given by Cetcham

The reason for Jill's arrival was again thanks to O'Brian - the coordinates of the Queen Zenobia were leaked just after Chris' signal was jammed in the mountains, pretending it was Chris' transponder. Soon after, O'Brian regained contact with Chris just after Jill and Parker had fallen into a trap, Chris and Jessica were sent to the coordinates given by Cetcham to rescue the 2 missing agents. Arriving on a ship, Chris and Jessica raced to the engine room, only to find that they were on the Queen Semiramis, the sister to Zenobia. Following their departure to Zenobia, Queen Semiramis was destroyed following the self-destruct sequence shortly after.

Back on Finland, Quint decides to return to previously unexplored area in order to obtain more information with the pair discovers of O'Brian's agenda to expose the FBC and the orchestrature of Il Veltro's supposed return. Shortly after this revelation, the airport was airstrike by Lansdale in order to cover up any evidence linking him to Terragrigia's destruction with Quint and Keith barely making out of the wreckage.

On the Zenobia, shortly after Valentine and Luciani regained contacts with the B.S.A.A Headquarters. O'Brian informs them that Regia SOLIS which was used to fried Terragrigia using solar powers is reactivated and aims it's beam towards the ship. During the crisis, Quint had contacted them and directed the pair into using UAV, which was used in Il Veltro's attack on the floating city to direct Regia SOLIS's targeting system towards UAV's chaff. However, when the beam destroys the UAV, it causes an wave to head towards the vessel, threatening to sink the ship. After the pair successfully heads towards the casino, they are met with Vester who is in Il Veltro's operative outfit and poses various questions hinting at the conspiracy behind the Terragrigia's Panic. Before he reveals anymore, Vester is shot in the chest by Sherwat who had just arrived along with Redfield with the agents discovering that Vester was behind the mask. Vester secretly informs Luciani that Sherawat was the FBC mole inside the B.S.A.A before seemingly dying from the gunshot wound.

Sensing that the ship is not going to have much time left, Redfield and Valentine heads to the laboratory and tries to stop the virus from spreading out to the sea while Luciani and Sherawat heads to the bridge to prevent the ship from sinking. Sherwat arrives on the bridge and intends to destroy the remaining evidences but is met at gun point by Luciani and Vester who had worn kevlar vest at the time. Sherawat indirectly shoots Luciani, confirming his suspicion of Sherawat being the FBC mole. Sherawat activates the self-destruct sequence before making her getaway with Vester following suit after.

Meanwhile, in the ship's laboratory, Redfield and Valentine is confronted by Lansdale through an video uplink, confirming that he had orchestrated behind Terragrigia's destruction in order gain more funding and international influence. Finding notes left by the research team, Valentine injects herself with T-Abyss vaccine and neutralizes it thus preventing it's spread throughout the Mediterranean Sea. During Zenobia's destruction, the pair found an injured Luciani who informed them of Sherwat's role and tries to save him but fails as Parker falls into the fire below an broken catwalk. The pair reaches the front deck to get rescued by pilot Kirk Mathison but is stopped by Malacoda. Redfield and Valentine dispatches the being and witness the Zenobia ship destroyed and sank below the sea.

On the helicopter, O'Brian informs Redfield and Valentine of his ultimate goal and directs them towards Queen Dido following the data results from Quint. After his last communication, O'Brian is falsely put under arrest by Lansdale for committing acts of terrorism alongside Il Veltro, effectively shifting the blame towards him. Knowing the only person who held incriminating evidences against Lansdale, the pair set out to find Il Veltro's leader Jack Norman. During their exploration of the ship, they are met with various Globsters and bodies of FBC agents as well as members of Il Veltro. Later, they found out that Norman had gone delusional and survived for over a year through frequent injections of T-Abyss and sheer will. The pair engages his mutated form and kills the leader with Valentine broadcasting the evidences for the HQ to see and effectively placing Lansdale under FBC's custody.


The Queen Zenobia Incident brought down O'Brian and the FBC, and established the BSAA as a large-scale international force under UN jurisdiction with much of the FBC resources and its members merging with the BSAA. After the incident, O'Brian resigns from his position as the director and spends his time writing a novel titled The Unveiled Abyss, Luciani is later discovered to be alive and at sea, although injured in the leg, through Vester's help escaping from the ship, Cetcham and Lumley were rescued from the airport site with Cetcham remaining in the R&D Department and Lumley assigned to the East African branch and seen as the leading figure in the field following the incident.

Sherawat and Vester later meet at a coffee shop with Vester delivering the sample of T-Abyss to Sherawat, revealing both of them to be agents working for TRICELL. The T-Abyss virus, however, was deemed to be too dangerous and prevented its emergence on the black market.

Redfield and Valentine would continue to work for the BSAA, finally finding a lead on the whereabouts of Oswell E. Spencer, Earl Spencer, one of the original founders of Umbrella Corporation and heads towards the Spencer Estate in hopes of bringing him into custody


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