Question of Trust 2 (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil.


Jill Valentine meets up with Barry Burton at the altar beneath the Spencer Mansion's entrance hall. Be turns his gun on her and is disarmed. Lisa Trevor arrives, but Jill refuses to trust him. Lisa throws him off the ledge to his death.


The original script is based on as it appeared in the 2002 GameCube title.[1] Any changes made in the 2015 Japanese dub will be listed separately.

Barry Burton: "Jill!"
"You're alive! "
"I was worried, cause I thought... you were..."

Jill Valentine: "Start talking."

Barry: "Calm down!"
"I didn't want to do it!"
"Believe me!"
"I can explain!"

Jill: "Don't lie to me!"

Barry: "No time to talk."
"Jill, hand me my gun!"

Jill Valentine: "I can't do that."

Barry: "Jill!"

Jill: "Barry!"

Barry Burton: ジル!
無事でよかったな 俺はてっきり…

Jill Valentine: どういうこと!?

Barry: 落ち着け

Jill: ふざけないで!

Barry: 話はあとだ!
銃を返してくれ ジル!

Jill: それはできないわ

Barry: ジル!

Jill: バリー!


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