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The Quick Molded (クイック・モールデッド Kuikku mōrudeddo?)(alternatively named 4-Legged Molded) is another, much smaller variant of Molded that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.



This variant of the creature bears the same biologically mutated body composition as the more common humanoid Molded, with the exception of its ability to move on all four limbs which are distinguishably longer and slimmer, and having a much leaner and smaller body. This makes the creature exceptionally nimble.

Unlike the normal Molded, it lacks endurance and it can be killed more easily. This however does not mean it's any less of a threat as it can cover distances with its excellent agility, leaping at its victims and moving about in an unnatural manner. It is unable to use its gaping jaw as means of offense.


The Quick Molded don't appear until after the player defeats Marguerite. Upon returning to the mansion and on the way to the dissection room, one bursts in and attacks the player. In the Madhouse difficulty they are encountered much earlier with the first appearing in the hallway leading into the basement. Unlike normal humanoid Molded, they only take roughly 2 to 3 headshots with the handguns on normal difficulty to kill but are harder to dispatch as they move about rather maniacally. Crouching helps players to aim for their heads much more easily.

On Madhouse Difficulty, the Quick Molded are significantly faster and more agile, so it is not recommended to use handguns without proper aim and the Enhanced Handgun Ammo. As they still do have little health, a shotgun can take care of them with ease.


The Quick Molded is limited when it comes to attacks, but what they lack in attacks they make up with the speed and ferocity of them:

  • If the Quick Molded are close, they will attempt a single swipe at the opponent for moderate damage. This can be blocked quite easily, though this comes out the quickest.
  • At mid-range, the Quick Molded will lunge at the player, dealing two-hits of moderate damage each, totalling significant (or on Madhouse, lethal) damage. It's not recommended to block this, as you will always get struck by the second hit. Instead, simply shoot them with the shotgun.
  • If the Quick Molded jumps between walls, then jumps straight at the player, they will grapple them, thrusting their claws into the player's body and jumping off of them, dealing moderate damage. This can be seen primarily from the first Quick Molded seen chasing Ethan in the Barn, if it jumps at him from the wall.