The 4-Legged Molded is another variant of Molded that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


This variant of the creature bears the same mutated body as the original edition of the Molded, with the exception of its ability to move on all four legs. This makes the creature exceptionally nimble and more dangerous.

Unlike the normal Molded, it lacks endurance and it can be killed more easily. The creature uses its sharp claw and its agility to leap at its victim, but is unable to use its gaping maw to bite them.


The 4 Legged Molded doesn't appear until after the player defeats Marguerite. Upon returning to the mansion and on the way to the dissection room, one bursts in and attacks the player.

  • Swipe - When the creature is close to the player, it will swipe its claws at them, dealing moderate damage.
  • Leap - At a distance, the creature will leap at the player, dealing moderate damage.
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