Quiet Anger is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Chris Chapter 3.


After Chris regaining his memories, he vowed vengeance against Carla (resembles "Ada") for the deaths of his men. He ask Piers where she is, but Piers says that She's leading Neo-Umbrella. Chris then asking him again angrily that is she in the city of not. Piers answers that she was sighted several times. When Chris ready, he tell him to go move out.


June 30, 2013
Waiyip, China

Chris: "Piers..."

Piers: "Sir?"

Chris: "What happened to Ada Wong?"

Piers: "You remember!"

Chris: "Where is she?"

Piers: "She's leading Neo-Umbrella."
"All these terrorists are-"

Chris: "Is she in this city or not!"

Piers: "She's been sighted several times since the attacks began."
"Yeah, she's here."

Chris: "Tell the men we're moving out."

Piers: "Yes, sir."

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