Quirk of Fate (AC-019) (AC-019) is an Action card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. First introduced in Alliance, it is essenially the successor of Shattered Memories (AC-003) from the first Deck Building Game set and is succeeded by Parting Ways (AC-029) in the following set, Outbreak.


Quirk of Fate (AC-019) allows the player to Trash one card from their hand. Then allows them to draw a card to replace it. Its a simple and easy way to trim down a deck to the bare essentials. Though Shattered Memories (AC-003) allowed the player to trash two cards, it was hampered by its conditions; trashing the Action itself. It was also hard to stack more of the same card unless used with cards such as Reload (AC-005). Quirk of Fate (AC-019) rectifies this by adding a single symbol effect that grants +1 Action, allowing the player to stack mulitple cards in succession to trash more if necessary. It has a Gold Cost of 30.

The artwork on the card is taken from cover artwork of Resident Evil 0, depicting Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen on the Ecliptic Express, the first set piece of the game.


  • The card works wonders for Rebecca and Billy, who both specialize in trimming down their respective decks with trashing effects. This is most likely intentional on the pat of the game's designers, as Billy, Rebecca, and the artwork on Quirk of Fate (AC-019) all come from Resident Evil 0. The trashing effects of this card, Parting Ways (AC-029), and Rebecca are all nods to RE0's "drop item" option in place of an Item Box.
  • Rebecca can be a cumbersome opponent for characters who specialize in one specific weapon type; such as Jack Krauser, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and Mark Wilkins. These characters work best with very thin decks so there weapons can circulate quicker and produce more effective hands. Rebecca can easily shove her unneeded cards onto them with her Level 2 effect, making it harder to keep a deck organized. Shattered Memories (AC-003) and Quirk of Fate (AC-019) are slow, but effective means to counteract this.
  • Characters who require specific types of cards in there hands, such as George Hamilton and Claire Redfield, can remove unneeded cards and potentially draw what's necessary to get ahead.
  • Quirk of Fate (AC-019) can be good at cleanup if other card drawing effects go awry. HUNK and Great Ambition (AC-015)(which both allow the player to gain +2 cards if the Main Character has no Partner) can sometimes produce fruitless results, and Quirk of Fate (AC-019) and rectify that, at least halfway.

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