Below is a list of all Resident Evil Icons unlockable in RESIDENT EVIL.NET, the user doesn't need to use RE Points after they are unlocked.

Icon Name How to unlock
Chris RE.NET icon (REmake) Chris Unlock the Botanist Web Badge.

(Defeat Plant 42 using Chris)

Rebecca RE.NET icon Rebecca Unlock the End of the Road Web Badge.

(Defeat Lisa Trevor using Chris)

Jill RE.NET icon (REmake) Jill Unlock the Damned Web Badge.

(Defeat the Crimson Head Prototype 1 using Jill)

Wesker RE.NET icon (REmake) Wesker Unlock the Pest Exterminator Web Badge.

(Defeat Yawn using Jill)

Barry RE.NET icon (REmake) Barry Unlock the Diamond in the Rough Web Badge.

(Completed the game as Jill)

Hunter RE.NET icon (REmake) Hunter Unlock the Survivor Web Badge.

(Finish the game in Real Survival mode)

Tyrant RE.NET icon Tyrant Unlock the Ominous Presence Web Badge.

(Finish the game in Invisible Enemy mode)

Zombie A RE.NET icon Zombie A Unlock the I'm Outta Here! Web Badge.

(Finish the game without saving anyone using Chris/Jill (any difficulty))

Lisa RE.NET icon Lisa Unlock the Gloves Off Web Badge.

(Finish the game using only your knife (any character / difficulty))

Zombie B RE.NET icon Zombie B Unlock the No Report Necessary Web Badge.

(Finish the game without saving)

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