RESIDENT EVIL.NET allows the user to customize their profile with in-site icons, below is a list of all Resident Evil: Revelations icons and how to unlock them:

Icon Name How to unlock Price
Jill RE.NET icon Jill Given to the user by default. N/A
Jill 2 RE.NET icon Jill 2 Unlock the Mastermind title.
(Used each character 1,000 times in Raid Mode)
Chris RE.NET icon Chris Given to the user by default. N/A
Chris 2 RE.NET icon Chris 2 Unlock the Humanoid Weapon title.
(Kill 10,000 enemies with melee in Raid Mode)
Parker RE.NET icon Parker Given to the user by default. N/A
Parker 2 RE.NET icon Parker 2 Unlock the Chunk Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Chunks in Raid Mode)
Keith RE.NET icon Keith Given to the user by default. N/A
Keith 2 RE.NET icon Keith 2 Unlock the Slice and Dice title.
(Kill 10,000 enemies with knife-type weapons in Raid Mode)
Jessica RE.NET icon Jessica Given to the user by default. N/A
Jessica 2 RE.NET icon Jessica 2 Unlock the Scagdead Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Scagdead in Raid Mode)
Jessica 3 RE.NET icon Jessica 3 Unlock the Ghost Norman Dominator title.
(Kill 300 Ghost Norman in Raid Mode)
Quint RE.NET icon Quint Given to the user by default. N/A
Quint 2 RE.NET icon Quint 2 Unlock the Wall Blister Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Wall Blisters in Raid Mode)
Raymond RE.NET icon Raymond Available by default. 1,000 REP
O'Brian RE.NET icon O'Brian Available by default. 1,000 REP
Norman RE.NET icon Norman Available by default. 1,000 REP
Norman 2 RE.NET icon Norman 2 Unlock the Norman Dominator title.
Kill 2,000 Normans in Raid Mode)
Rachel RE.NET icon Rachel Available by default. 1,000 REP
Rachel 2 RE.NET icon Rachel 2 Unlock the Rachael Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Ooze Rachels in Raid Mode)
Hunk RE.NET icon Hunk Available by default. 1,000 REP
Lady Hunk RE.NET icon Lady Hunk Unlock the Shadow Stepper title.
(Dodged 1,000 attacks in the campaign)
GS Chaos RE.NET icon GS Chaos Unlock the Survivor of Chaos title.
(Completely cleared The Ghost Ship: Chaos)
Hunter RE.NET icon Hunter Unlock the Hunter Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Hunters in Raid Mode)
Farfarello RE.NET icon Farfarello Unlock the Farfarello Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Farfarellos in Raid Mode)
Fenrir RE.NET icon Fenrir Unlock the Fenrir Domninator title.
(Kill 3,000 Fenrir in Raid Mode)
Draghignazzo RE.NET icon Draghignazzo Unlock the Draghignazzo Dominator title.
(Kill 2,000 Draghignazzo in Raid Mode)
Globster RE.NET icon Globster Unlock the Globster Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Globsters in Raid Mode)
Ooze RE.NET icon Ooze Unlock the Ooze Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Ooze in Raid Mode)
Tricorne RE.NET icon Tricorne Unlock the Tricorne Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Tricorne in Raid Mode)
Pincer RE.NET icon Pincer Unlock the Pincer Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Pincers in Raid Mode)
Scarmiglione RE.NET icon Scarmiglione Unlock the Scarmiglione Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Scarmiglione in Raid Mode)
Ghiozzo RE.NET icon Ghiozzo Unlock the Ghiozzo Dominator title.
(Kill 3,000 Ghiozzo in Raid Mode)


  • Different costumes of the characters are added up when trying to unlock the "Jill 2" (Jill 2 RE.NET icon) icon.
  • "Rachael's arm" doesn't count as a knife when trying to unlock the "Keith 2" (Keith 2 RE.NET icon) icon.
  • The campaign dodges are only saved during the Results screen when trying to unlock the "Lady Hunk" (Lady Hunk RE.NET icon) icon, because of this, the best place to grind the evade is on Episode 12: The Queen Is Dead, then killing Norman and re-loading the save from that fight over and over until all 1,000 evades have been done. Unfortunately, there is no counter in-game or on RE.NET on how many evades the player has already done apart from three titles on RE.NET which are unlocked after 50, 100 and 150 evades done on the campaign respectively.
  • The statistics of two or more platforms are not stacked together. For example, if a player owns the PC and PS4 versions, they must do all of these objectives in one of these platforms, getting 5,000 melee kills in both versions will not unlock the "Chris 2" (Chris 2 RE.NET icon) icon, players would need 10,000 melee kills in one version of their choosing.
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