"This specially tuned demo allows you to experience the newly reimagined Resident Evil 2, but be warned: whilst you can continue as many times as you like after dying, you'll only have 30 MINUTES to complete the demo. Take in the horror atmosphere at your own pace, or make a desperate dash to solve all the puzzles Raccoon Police Department has to offer? The choice is yours!"
— Store description

The RESIDENT EVIL 2 1-Shot Demo was a public demo of the Resident Evil 2 remake. It was officially announced on January 8, 2019.[3]

The name of the demo is a reference to the 30 minutes given to play, it ends once the timer is finished. It was available between January 11 – 31, 2019, with the full game releasing on January 25.


Main article: RESIDENT EVIL 2 Leon demo

This demo is the same seen in various game conventions in 2018.2. It ultimately ends the same way as well – by returning to Marvin Branagh with the Key (Spade) acquired.

Upon finishing the demo, the 1-Shot Special Trailer is played which shows HUNK and Tofu. Two new options also appear in the main menu:

The demo had achievements, but only in the Steam version – all of them are related to the time spent playing:

Locker Combinations

Below is a table with the lock combinations in the demo:

Location Combination What's inside?
Lion statue at the Main hall (2F) Crown, Lion, Goat Lion Medallion
Safe inside the small room in the West office 9 to the left, 15 to the right, 7 to the left Hip Pouch
Locker inside the Shower Room BIO Shotgun Shells (x3 or x6 depending on the Game Rank)
Locker closest to the Key (Spade) RES MAG Ammo x5
Unicorn statue at the Lounge Bird, Girl, Harp Unicorn Medallion


Note: These are the differences between the 1-Shot Demo and the Leon demo that was playable at various game conventions throughout 2018.2 (plus PAX South 2019), and not between the final game.

RE2 1-Shot Demo Officer's Notebook difference

(top) The last page in the Officer's Notebook present in the older version of the demo vs. (bottom) the updated page.

RE2 1-Shot Demo To any survivors difference

(top) The paper in the background of the To any survivors file in the older version of the demo vs. (bottom) the updated visual.

  • The paper shown in the background while reading the To any survivors file has been changed, it is now the same used in the Rookie's First Assignment file instead of the short and bloody paper.
  • The hanging zombie at the West Storage Room now falls down to the ground when his legs are shot off, he used to stay at the ceiling in the other versions of the demo.
  • The combination to get the Unicorn Medallion has been changed from Two Fish, Scorpion, Jar to Bird, Girl, Harp.
  • The Red Book (Art Object) is not present in the Library.
  • An "Assisted" game mode is now available if the player dies during the demo.
  • There is only one loading screen present in this version of the demo instead of two.
  • When the demo is finished, the "Thank You for Playing." text will appear but not the image of Leon with the release date of the game. If the time runs out, the text will appear as well but instead of the results screen following it, the main keyart of the game is shown.


  • When Leon passes from the Operations Room to the Safety Deposit Room corridor, there is a chance his flashlight will completely disappear from his hand, but the light will still shine around.
  • If a zombie's limbs are all ripped off, it can still chase and deal damage to the player, however, if the character is standing directly above the zombie, it can end up not turning around to attack the player.

Further notes

"1-ShotDemo" Special SNS campaign Leon bust PV

A Leon bust was one of the prizes given in the "1-ShotDemo" Special SNS campaign.

  • Jun Takeuchi had the idea for the "30 minutes".[4]
  • An online connection was required to play, if the connection was lost during gameplay, the timer would continue after returning to the main menu.[5]
  • EMEA players had the chance to earn a free Resident Evil 2 Collector's Edition via the RESIDENT EVIL 2 1-Shot Demo Competition.[6]
  • Japanese players also had the chance to earn exclusive prizes via the "1-ShotDemo" Special SNS campaign.[7]
  • This demo supported RE.NET.[8]
  • The demo was released one day earlier on the PS4 and Xbox One in the OCE region due to timezones and the way the stores are updated on the two platforms.
  • Shuhei Yoshida was invited as a guest by Capcom to play the demo.
  • By January 15, the demo had been played by over 1.6 million users worldwide according to RE.NET.[9] Four days later, the number of players had crossed the 2 million mark also according to RE.NET.[10] On January 21, it was revealed that the demo had been downloaded over 3 million times.[11]
  • According to the Capcom Integrated Report 2019, the 1-Shot Demo ended up being downloaded 5 million times. It was also stated that "Directing users of the trial version to the purchasing site after playing the game also led to a rise in the number of preorders".[12]




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