RE2 remake demo (Claire) loading screen (eng)

The demo's introductory loading screen.

During Gamescom 2018, a Claire demo of the Resident Evil 2 remake was available to the press. This version has Claire as the playable character, and features a boss fight with the first form of William Birkin.

The demo was also showcased at TGS 2018, though it was still not playable by the public.

At the NYCC 2018, the demo was playable for the first time to the public, alongside Leon's demo. This version was also playable at the PAX South 2019. One day after NYCC ended, an expanded version of the demo was played by the press. This expanded version was also shown at BGS 2018, though it ultimately remained unplayable by the public.



The demo starts out with Claire in the Secret Room after going down the passage shown in the Officer's Notebook that requires the three medallions, her starting arsenal includes a handgun, a sub-machine gun and a grenade launcher.

Going down the elevator then some steps leads Claire to the Underground Stairs, where she ends up finding Sherry hiding behind some fallen lockers, she tries to reach out and help her, but Sherry says Claire instead is the one who needs help.

RE2 Gamescom GL 06

William Birkin appears.

A mutated William Birkin is behind Claire, and a battle is started at the Machinery Room. Once dealt with, Claire and Sherry will be together and talk about how Sherry's mother is always at work at Umbrella and that she is making a really important medicine, Claire asks Sherry where her dad is and she responds that he worked with her mom but is now gone, to which Claire replies that her parents are also gone and that she only has her brother.

Resident-Evil-2 2018 08-21-18 007

Claire and Sherry at the Parking Garage.

They eventually reach the Operators Room that has a ladder which leads to the Parking Garage, once the closed gate in the lot is interacted with, Chief Brian Irons appears and demands Claire to get on the ground after pointing his gun at her and giving a warning shot, the Chief asks Sherry to tie Claire up and says that if she won't do it, he will shoot her new friend.

Claire talks back to him and mentions how Chris, a S.T.A.R.S. member is her brother and that he won't get away with this but she gets interrupted by the Chief who attacks Claire. Irons eventually opens the locked gate in the parking lot with the keycard needed and takes Sherry with him, in the meantime, her locket falls to the ground and Claire is able to break free out of the handcuffs, but it's too late for her to save Sherry. Claire promises that she will go after him and picks up Sherry's locket, the demo then ends there.


The expanded version of the demo made available to the press starts off inside the Operators Room, before the Irons cutscene in the other version - Claire now needs to find the Parking Garage Key Card in order to open the gate to chase after Sherry. To do this, the player needs to reach the Private Collection Room.

RE2 remake Claire updated demo1

Claire encounters a Licker.

First of all, Claire needs to obtain the Diamond Key in order to gain access to the elevator that leads to the second floor of the Police Station, this key is located at the Morgue room at the far east of the B1 map, on her way there, Claire finds Lickers throughout the area, particularly at the Kennel. Once the Key is collected, the zombies playing dead inside the Morgue will come back to life and attack Claire.

RE2 remake Claire updated demo4

Claire at the Morgue.

Now with the Diamond Key collected, Claire can enter the Elevator Controls Room to power up the elevator that's right in front of it. This elevator leads to the Police Station 2F floor, and it links to the Chief's Office, the office has two doors inside it, one that's locked and another that leads to the Private Collection Room. Inside this room there is the Parking Garage Key Card Claire needs, but it's locked behind an eletronic lock. However, she can obtain the Lovers Relief here, which gives the Heart Key once inspected, the Heart Key can be used in the locked door inside the Chief's Office, but going through it will end the demo there. Just like Leon's demo, a "Thank You for Playing." text appears followed by an image of Claire and the release date of the game.





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