For the public version, see RESIDENT EVIL 2 1-Shot Demo.

During E3 2018, Capcom's booth had a playable Resident Evil 2 remake demo. This demo only features Leon as a playable character, and ends once the player acquires the Spade Key and approaches Marvin Branagh.

The same demo was also playable at the San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Gamescom 2018, PAX West 2018, TGS 2018, NYCC 2018, BGS 2018 and PAX South 2019.

At ACGHK 2018 and TGS 2018, Tsuyoshi Kanda played this demo on stage, in the latter, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi commented over it.

At the NYCC 2018, the demo was playable alongside the Claire demo, both being on the same build, with the player being able to choose which demo they'd want to play from the main menu.


On September 29, 1998, rookie officer Leon S. Kennedy, who is supposed to start on his first day for the Raccoon Police Department (RPD), arrives in Raccoon City only to discover that it has been overwhelmed by zombie-like creatures. The demo starts out with Leon at the Main Hall of the Raccoon Police Station, and he later goes to the Watchman's Room on the east side of the building and interacts with fellow RPD officer Elliot Edward. Despite Leon's help, Elliot is killed while attempting to crawl under the roller door. Leon acquires Elliot's Officer's Notebook, making his way back to the Main Hall while dodging zombies. This causes Leon to be in a tough situation when trying to use the roller door that leads to the Main Hall after one of the zombies chases him and grabs him by the leg. However, another fellow RPD officer Marvin Branagh, who is clearly injured and infected, shows up and help him get into the hall. From here, Leon shows Marvin the notebook he acquired from Elliot which shows a passageway that leads to a parking lot and a "way out". Marvin tells Leon to find the three medallions needed to open the passageway and gives him a knife. When Leon asks Marvin why the city is infested with zombies, he replies that he has no clue, but gravely informs Leon that he should be careful with the monstrosities occupying the station. Marvin then warns Leon that he should save himself and not hesitate to shoot any zombie, whether in uniform or not.

The knife is used to open the path on the first floor that leads to the west side of the Police Station. Once at the third floor of the Police Station, Leon acquires the Spade Key and from here on there are two ways the player can progress through the demo, they can either proceed to the Library and unlock the door that links it to the Main hall, go back to the West office and instead unlock the door in there which also leads to the main hall.

Going through the Library triggers Marvin to radio Leon and say he's got something important to show him. Either way, once Leon meets back with Marvin, he shows Leon a camera footage of a woman next to a gate, who Leon recognizes as Claire Redfield. Marvin then mentions that Leon can get to that place by using the door on the second floor of the main hall on the east side of the station.

Once this cutscene is over, the screen fades to black and a "Thank You for Playing." text appears followed by an image of Leon and the release date of the game.


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  • In the TGS 2018 version and forward of the demo, zombies can be seen from the other side of the main gate at the Entrance. In the older versions prior to TGS, there are no zombies to be seen.


  • In the West Storage Room, there is one zombie hanging from the ceiling because his legs are stuck on debris, since the game features real-time limb tearing, it's possible to shoot the zombie's legs until they completely fall off of his body, but he will still not fall down to the floor.
  • If a zombie climbs small desks, there is a chance he will be stuck on it, without being able to attack the player or drop from the desk.

Further notes

  • This demo is timed and will end if the player takes too long to finish it, or dies after a certain amount of time of playing.




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