The RESIDENT EVIL 6 DEMO on the Nintendo Switch was released on October 10, 2019.


The demo starts out like the full game, where the Prelude is forced onto players.

Aside from the Prelude, only Chris Chapter 1 is playable in the demo, it ends at the end of the 1-3 Rooftops checkpoint, right as the player tries to enter the Ace of Spades building. Both Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans can be selected.

Once the demo is finished once, the player will unlock the EX1 Costume for both characters, and it will be available for selection during any subsequent replay. The EX2 and EX3 costumes cannot be unlocked. The unlocked EX1 Costumes will also be unlocked by default in the full game if players keep the saved data from the demo.

The Prelude has no difficulty option, while Chris Chapter 1 can only be played on Amateur, Normal or Veteran. Professional and No Hope cannot be unlocked.

In order to play in co-op mode, players can either use a local mode where two Nintendo Switch systems must be used, or the in-game splitscreen mode. There is no online function.

This demo does not include the motion controls which were added to the full game via a patch.

Further notes

  • This demo is different from the one playable at E3 2019.




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