The RPG-7 NVS is a weapon featured in Resident Evil 5. It is one of the special weapons only available to the player to help them fight a boss. It appears identical to the Rocket launcher but is equipped with a Night Vision Scope.


The RPG-7 NVS only appears in Chapter 6-3 of Campaign Mode, during the fight with Wesker in the hangar. It is located in the corner of the stage, behind a sheet of glass that must be shattered before it can be picked up.

The RPG-7 NVS functions like the other special boss weapons; instead of being stored in the player's inventory, it is picked up and carried, and then put down on the ground when not in use.

Unlike the regular Rocket Launcher, the RPG-7 NVS is aimed with its night vision scope allowing the player to use it effectively against Wesker. More importantly, it can be used multiple times, but players will have to manually reload it after every shot by finding another RPG round in the stage.

RPG round

The RPG-7 NVS uses the RPG round as ammo (this can NOT be used with the normal Rocket launcher). During the fight, RPG rounds are scattered about the area with another glass box case on the upper level containing five of them.

Each RPG round takes up one inventory slot. With a RPG round in inventory and holding the RPG-7 NVS, the player can reload the weapon themselves. Alternatively, if one character has RPG equipped and the other is holding a RPG round, the partner action button can be used to reload the rocket via teamwork.

RPG rounds disappear from the player's inventory after the fight.


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