Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Ra-Na Bae (ラナビー Ranabī?) was a student from Marhawa School and the first victim of the Marhawa Incident.


Little is known of her life before the Marhawa incident besides the fact that she was one of the many students who bullied Nanan Yoshihara under Alisa's orders. When Nanan's desk was soiled she was scared when Nanan smilingly threated her, by breaking a desk with just one punch, to tell her who's responsible of this and immediately accused Alisa.[1]

After Nanan's disappearance. She was waiting for a friend of her in a classroom, when Bindi appears behind her. As for other students she thought that Nanan was transferred and was glad about it, but she turn in Bindi she fall face-to-face with a highly mutated Nanan who restrained her with her tentacles and infect her with the C-Virus and mutated her into a zombie.[2]

When the classmate she was waiting for appeared behind her she turns around and kills her.[3] Later captured by security, she was taken into a basement where she was chained and probably killed. When three days later security captured Alisa zombie, she was taken along with Alisa's corpse to an abandoned dormitory and the two of them burned into ashes with the dormitory. It is unknown how Ra-Na disappearance was covered up.[4]

Ra na2

Zombie Ra-Na after being captured


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