"Three months after the Mansion Incident.

After calm was temporarily restored, disaster again happened in Raccoon City. Murders are abnormally-frequent outside the city, and the strange disease began to flow in. Having been investigating, Jill Valentine had to get out of the city which had undergone a transformation unto hell, making preparations to join with Chris.

— Rough translation of the official website's description.[1][notes 1]
Raccoon's Destruction - known as Raccoon City Destruction Incident (ラクーン市壊滅事件 Rakūn ichi kaimetsu jiken?) in Japan - is the third section of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. It is based around the events of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, set during September 28-October 1, 1998. The titular levels are unlocked first, with the other two being unlocked later. The following levels are listed in chronological order:

Differences from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

There is several notable differences between the events portrayed in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Umbrella Chronicles Raccoon's Destruction scenario. One of the major difference is the absence of certain key characters from the Raccoon's Destruction scenario including Brad Vickers, Nikolai Zinoviev, Mikhail Viktor, and the later forms of the Nemesis-T Type. Certain events are also excluded from the Raccoon's Destruction scenario including Jill becoming infected with the T-virus and several Nemesis encounters later in the game.

The encounter between Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira are different between the two games. In Resident Evil 3, Jill did not meet Carlos until after encountering Nemesis in the Raccoon City Police Department and exploring downtown Raccoon City. In Umbrella Chronicles though, Jill and Carlos are already paired together while traveling through the police station.

Finally, Jill and Carlos never traveled through a subway station in Resident Evil 3. Instead, Jill traveled alone to the police station through the main streets of the city. She also did not encounter the Grave Digger until after exploring downtown Raccoon City. She also destroyed the Grave Digger in the cemetery by the Raccoon Park as opposed to before she even set foot into the police station as portrayed in Umbrella Chronicles.


  1. Excerpt from the official website:
    洋館事件から3ケ月。 一時は平穏を取り戻したラクーン市に再び異変が起こる。 市 外では異常殺人が頻発し、 奇病が流行しだしたのだ。 独自の調査を続けていたジル·バレンタインは地獄へと変貌を遂げた街から抜け出し、クリスと合流するために行動を開始する。
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