The Raccoon's Destruction 2 scene is the cutscene that plays in 2nd part of the "Raccoon's Destruction" Act of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.



The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Carlos Oliveira: I really didn't know Umbrella was behind this.

Jill Valentine: We have to let the world know what happened.

Carlos: Yeah, but first we have to make it out of here alive.

Jill: We can go through here to get to the police station.

カルロス 「 この事件にアンブレラがからんでいるなんて、本当に知らなかったんだ。」

ジル 「 事実を伝えなきゃならないわ。」

カルロス 「 そうだな・・・ それにはまず、生きてここを脱出することだ。」

ジル 「 ここを抜けるのが、警察署への近道よ。」


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