"Making their way through an underground tunnel, Jill and Carlos finally reached the police station. They climbed to the roof and waited for the arrival of the rescue helicopter. Something had been observing their progress."
— Localized scenario prologue
"The two people reached the police station using the subway tunnel. After the rise to the roof, they waited for the arrival of the rescue helicopter. However... Someone has been watching the two people all the way."
— Translated scenario prologue[excerpt 1]

Raccoon's Destruction 3 is final part of the titular section of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles "Raccoon's Destruction" scenario, excluding subchapters in the same stage. In the Japanese version of the game, the scenario is instead called Raccoon City Destruction Incident 3 (ラクーン市壊滅事件3 Rakūn ichi kaimetsu jiken 3?).


Jill and Carlos finally made it to the police station but they were confronted by the Nemesis-T Type, this segment ends with the death of the Nemesis, the evacuation of Jill and Carlos and the decimation of the city.



Soon after entering the Raccoon Police Station, the player will encounter the Nemesis-T Type fall through the ceiling in 1F lobby. The creature is invulnerable, so it is advised to avoid wasting weapons without unlimited ammunition. Pushed back to the corner of the room, a Quick-time Event will occur, in which Carlos tries to dispatch the Tyrant with a grenade.

The player will then walk in to the east office, but will be pursued by the Nemesis again. Whenever the camera points back to the Tyrant, the player can temporarily neutralise the Tyrant by shooting it in the head - when it drops to its knees, it has been defeated.

Moving outside to the emergency stairwell, you will first be attacked by crows. After ridding yourself of them, you will go upstairs and find that the Nemesis has managed to beat you to the stairwell. When it comes down to the bottom of the stairs, shoot the red oil drum next to it to take it out. Since the Tyrant is blocking the route, you will head back inside and to the 1F east hall, proceeding downstairs. There is a Green Herb down the corridor on the left; the camera will soon look away. When the Nemesis starts to walk downstairs, you will briefly enter the morgue. Inside, you will find a Green Herb; Submachine Gun round and a Grenade.

You will walk down the B1F east hall to the Underground parking garage, but will be driven out through a small tunnel, coming out at the front of the police department building, triggering a Check Point. Walking back inside the main hall, you will climb the ladder at the other side of the room and get to the balcony. On your way to waiting room 2F, the Nemesis will appear again and fire at you from the ground floor with its rocket launcher. Try to detonate the rockets as soon as they are fired; they will explode and injure it heavily, or otherwise destroy the weapon.

Boss Fight

Reaching the helipad on the rooftop, the Nemesis will appear yet again. Damage - such as from the nearby fuel canisters - will induce its mutation. Being close by will allow the Tyrant to place the player in a choke-hold - it must be shot repeatedly in the arm to make it let go.

A new attack move is seen when it jumps on to the roof. It will drive its tentacles below the flooring, erupting back up in front of the player. The tentacles can cause damage, but cannot be destroyed. They are, in fact, a diversion to prevent the player from firing at the Tyrant.

When re-entering the fight, the Nemesis will leap at you, forcing the player to go through a Quick-time Event to avoid taking damage.

Rounds for the MRL can be found on the roof - though there aren't enough to kill the Tyrant, they will do significant damage to it.


Further notes

Barry in Raccoon's Destruction 3

While the need for Barry Burton was removed from the storyline, he made a cameo appearance in the scenario ending, nonetheless. In order to slow Nemesis, Carlos shoots a pair of Grenade Rounds .

Barring the front of the RPD Station and the Main Hall, none of the rooms that Jill and Carlos explore, such as the East office, the Parking lot and the RPD Main Hall's second floor, were available to go to in Resident Evil 3.

Due to a programming error, several of Jill's responses were placed before Carlos, leading to her saying things like "It looks that way" despite no one saying anything.


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