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Raccoon City, Pennsylvania was a mountain city that was destroyed by the US military in 1998 in response to a viral outbreak.



Raccoon City hosts numerous small restaurants and bars, catering to University Students and the working class. However, the economy of Raccoon City is dominated by the Umbrella Corporation.


The Victory Lake district in the north of the city moves into Raccoon Forest, and also contains a public park, Victory Park.[1] This district was the centre of the "cannibal killings" and vicious animal attacks in mid-1998,[2] which Police Chief Irons theorized was a sign that a criminal gang was hiding in this area.[3]

Cider is the name of another district. It was here in 1994 that Chief Irons was implicated in a land-grabbing scam, though no official link was established in court.[4] Trask was a decent-quality, working-class district five minutes drive from the police department; Leon Kennedy bought a studio apartment here.[5]


The Raccoon City Police Department was originally constructed as the city hall, but was converted into a library in the 1980s before the police department purchased it in 1994.[6]

Emmy's is the name of a diner in the city outskirts. It was here that Chris Redfield was to meet his friend Billy, who never showed up.[7]


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