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The logo for Raccoon City Contagion

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Raccoon City Contagion is a supplement web game created by Capcom to celebrate and promote the release of Resident Evil: Remaster, the HD remake of the GameCube version of the game.[1] The premise is simple, inviting people to register with a Facebook account, a Capcom account, or a regular e-mail. Upon registering, the individual's account will be linked to the infection and add on to an infection counter, which shows the percentage of the population that the contagion has spread to.

Raccoon map

The map of Raccoon City, sans infection hotspots

The main site shows a map of Raccoon City along with infection hotspots that change and grow as the contagion counter increases. On the main site along with the map, viewers can see regular updates individuals being infected as well as updated news on the spread of the infection in-universe, such as:

9/16/14 Animals escaped from the zoo and now the infected creatures are maiming and killing city residents.

When players register for Raccoon City Contagion, they receive a copy of their medical record from the site. This record is a simple image that indicates their username and the place of their infection, or the "type" of zombie they've become.


An example of a medical report, showing user Tridenter became a graveyard zombie at Warren Stadium

Capcom has stated that should the contagion counter for Raccoon City Contagion reach full-infection, extra content will be released for Resident Evil: Remaster.[2]


The complete logo for the B.S.A.A. over the Raccoon City map, after reaching 100%

As the infection percentage increased, an image could be seen flashing, overlaying the map of Raccoon City. After the infection reached the 50% mark, the image became clear enough to reveal that it is the logo of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.), the organization Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine would go on to create after the events of Raccoon City and the fall of the Umbrella Corporation. Upon reaching an infection percentage of 70%, the B.S.A.A. symbol stopped flashing and became more solid. Capcom revealed their intent with the campaign, saying that upon 100% infection, they will make the B.S.A.A. outfits for Chris and Jill available for use in Resident Evil: Remaster to all players.[3][4]

On September 26, 2014, the infection of Raccoon City officially reached 100% with Capcom announcing that the extra outfits for Chris and Jill will be made available for all versions of the game on release.


Contagion BSAA costume

Sequel RE-Contagion[]

An expanded sequel for the supplement web game was created for the remaster of Resident Evil 0 under the title Raccoon City Re-Contagion, this time featuring zombie types, locations, and more awards.