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"Attention all citizens: Due to the citywide outbreak, you are advised to take shelter at the Raccoon City police station. Free food and medical supplies will be provided to everyone in need. "



The Raccoon City Destruction Incident was a conflict which took place in and around Raccoon City in late 1998. Driven by a series of t-Virus outbreaks, the majority of the city's populace of 100,000 were infected through the contaminated drinking water or attacks by infected entities and were driven by the virus' mental degradation to commit brutal homicides and cannibalism through a process fittingly known as 'zombification'.

To prevent the spread of the virus and classified information (specifically regarding the transactions of illicit weapons and political bribery of the Umbrella Corporation within the United States government and military), the CDC imposed a exclusion zone in the Lower-midwest. The containement efforts were further complicated when Umbrella started using the city as a test-bed for its Bio-Organic Weapons, Such as the Tyrant.

By October 1, the situation had become untenable, and at the pressures of a congressional council the President of the United States authorized the bombing of the city utilizing a weapon of unknown origin, resulting in the near-total loss of the remaining population within it's limits.

Murders and Missing persons cases[]


The Mansion Incident[]

See also: Mansion Incident

The Mansion Incident refers to two things. Chiefly, it refers to a botched police special forces operation that took place in July 1998 to investigate a series of murders in Arklay County, but otherwise can refer to the preceding events leading up to this investigation. The Mansion Incident was the site of a biological, ecological, and environmental disaster which took place in the Arklay Mountains.

The Outbreak[]

September 22nd[]

Umbrella caught wind of William Birkin's plans thanks to their own moles within the military, and as a result an Umbrella Security Service task force infiltrated NEST on Sept 22nd.


An NEST-wide Alert is emitted by the "Umbrella Emergency Response Service"


NEST's wide Alert


Hunk's team confronted Birkin in his P-4 Level testing lab, armed with LE 5s. During a standoff, Birkin attempted to pull out a Glock17 on them, and as a result Birkin was shot by U.S.S. operator J. Martinez in spite of Umbrella's orders to bring him alive.[1] The team took his briefcase containing vials of both the G-Virus and t-Virus and made their way into the sewers beneath Raccoon to rendezvous with the extraction helicopter. Close to death, Birkin infected himself with the G-Virus by a single vial left on his possession and transformed into a "G" creature. [2] [3]

September 23rd[]


G-Birkin pursued the soldiers through the lab and sewers, killing a number of them. During the rampage the briefcase was destroyed and a curious group of rats became infected with t-Virus as they drank the green media.[4]

Capture 5

Sewers rats consuming the t-Virus samples after the encounter between G-Birkin and USS soldiers, Wednesday September 23.

Throughout the day Incidents of violence increased in the city, but the true nature of these attacks is unknown to the general public.

September 23rd-24th[]

The Rookie Detective Leon S. Kennedy receives a phonecall asking him to stay away from Raccoon City, His first day was originally planned for September 25th starting at 8AM.[5][6]

September 24th[]

On this day, Miranda a nurse from Spencer Memorial Hospital observes a "Nightly transfer" through the "Forbidden Door"[7][8]

September 25th[]

In the morning a woman is attacked by a "Cannibal" in front of the Lambs museum of Art[9]

A unnamed nurse from Spencer Memoral Hospital writes a Journal about the "mystery illness" spreading throughout the city.[10]

Throughout the day, the situation deteriorates with Zombies now walking on the Streets, With public services overwhelmed and the Raccoon Police Department unable to protect everyone, the Police Station is turned into a shelter for the citizens.[11]

September 26th[]


Lucy Yen, an Umbrella informant send an E-mail to her superiors informing them of the chaotic situation within the Police Department and the successful disposal of incriminating evidence against Umbrella.[12]


U.B.C.S (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) Troops are deployed into Raccoon City's chaotic streets, Its mission is “Riot control”.


Nikolai observes five R.P.D. officers engaging a pack 20 strong.


Officers annihilated.

On this day:

a Mob attacks the Police Station, resulting in a Unknown number of casualties.[13]

Jill Valentine writes her Report on the t-Virus.[14]

September 27th[]


Lucy Yen sends another E-mail to her superiors reporting on Nathaniel Bard's attempts to communicate with S.T.A.R.S. She also requests the assistance of the U.B.C.S. in her evacuation from the station.[15]


As the situation within the R.P.D. deteriorates even further, Yen sends another email threatening to publish evidence of Umbrella's relationship with Raccoon's civic leaders. [16]


Nikolai runs a combat test at Raccoon University, He re-directs a pack of infected (Including Zombie Dogs).


a horde of Zombies invades the Station from the West Side, 12 die. [17]

Screenshot 5 - Resident Evil 2 remake

1F West Side of the Station, pay attention to the wooden boards on the windows.


The combat test at Raccoon University ends with 0 Survivors.


Nikolai makes contact with Mikhail Victor's platoon

September 28th[]


Elliot Edward writes a Report and take Rita's idea about escaping through the sewers seriously, He soon starts his investigation on the hidden passage leading to the Secret Room. [18]


A Pack of infected are directed to Redstone Street Station's east entrance by Nikolai.

08:00 AM

The battle for the station ends with 7 survivors. Captain Mikhail, Corporal Carlos Oliveira, Tyrell and Nikolai himself. 4 other Civilian survivors take refugee inside one of the train's carriages.


Project N (Nemesis) is deployed in Uptown Raccoon City.[19]

RE3make Container nemesis

Nemesis's capsule


Jill awakes in her apartment at around 20:07PM, Moments later Nemesis breaks into her apartment, Jill's escape begins.[20]


Valentine makes contact with a U.B.C.S. Delta Platoon soldier named Carlos Oliveira. The Platoon Captain is Mikhail Viktor, Jill agrees to help put the subway system back online.[21][22]

RE3 remake January 14 2020 images (4)

Mikhail talking to Jill

September 29th[]


The train is on its way to Fox Park Station when suddenly Nemesis reappears, Nikolai leaves Jill and Mikhail to die. moments after Mikhail is impaled by Nemesis and in order to kill it, Mikhail sacrifices himself using a C4 and Jill is knocked unconscious as the train derails.[23]

Sometime after 2:34AM, In the RPD's front entrace Detective Lieutenant, Marvin Branagh is bitten by a former S.T.A.R.S. pilot, Brad Vickers.[24]

Marvin Branagh Resident Evil 3 remake

In a fatal decision, Marvin hesitates to shoot his fellow officer and former friend, Brad Vickers.

Sometime after 07:00AM

Jill colapses at Saint Michael's Clock Tower


VRC Chief, Doctor Nathaniel Bard records a confession moments before being killed by Nikolai.[25]


Rookie Detective, Leon S. Kennedy arrives at the Police Station and sees Elliot Edward on the CCTV laptop. [26]


A texture found in RE:2's game files suggests the arrival time.

September 30th[]


Carlos administers the vaccine to Jill.

The U.S. Government issues an alert to Raccoon's remaining population, about a military operation on October 1st targeted to destroy the city with a Missile Strike in order to prevent a Pandemic.[27]


EAS on September 30th


Plant 43 is contained thanks to the administration of a Herbicide.

At dawn

Leon, Claire and Sherry escapes NEST and therefore Raccoon City through Umbrella's underground railway system.

October 1st[]


Jill wakes up in the Makeshift Sickroom inside Spencer Memorial Hospital. Located above NEST2 an Umbrella facility focused on countermeasures against B.O.W.s[28]


EAS on October 1st

Jill encounters Tyrell, who informs her about a t-Virus vaccine " KT-W-0002" developed in NEST2. And also that Carlos used a sample to save her life.[29]

Following the protocols of the Sterilization Operation, At dawn Raccoon City is destroyed by a US government-launched missile.[30]

RE3make Raccoon Destrcution

A mushroom-shaped cloud over Raccoon City moments after the detonation

Undated Events[]

Sept. 30th - Oct. 1st

Ada Wong escapes Raccoon City by unknown means.


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