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Raccoon City Hall serves as one of the final locations in the film during the climax of the story; survivors of the t-virus outbreak (Alice, Jill Valentine, Carlos Olivera, L.J. and Angela Ashford) are directed to the building by Charles Ashford after they procure his daughter from Raccoon City Junior School. City Hall is the last evacuation site from the city, used exclusively by Timothy Cain and Umbrella.

Upon arriving to the site, Alice and the others are apprehended by Cain and Alice is forced to fight against the mutated Matt Addison (now the Nemesis); the fight goes according to plan until Alice realizes who the Nemesis is and refuses to fight him. Cain orders the execution of Alice and the others when the Nemesis turns on him, allowing the survivors to chance to fight back. After killing the Umbrella soldiers and leaving Cain for dead, City Hall is the epicenter of the nuclear warhead's detonation and was among the first buildings eradicated by the explosion.


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