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Raccoon City Hospital was a large city located within Raccoon City. The building was heavily funded by the Umbrella Corporation.


When the hospital was built is unknown, but its ties to Umbrella allowed the company to perform viral weapons research effectively in public. Following the incident in The Hive, survivors Alice and Matt Addison were brought here for further study. While Alice was kept under observation and escaped later that evening, Addison mutated as a result of an infection by a Licker and was used as part of the Nemesis Program. By this point the city had totally fallen to a T-virus outbreak. Aside the two test subjects, the hospital's other patients were quickly abandoned, and were eaten by Undead, which some joining their ranks.[1]

In the night the hospital was used as a safe haven for scattered U.B.C.S. members, Carlos Olivera, Yuri Loginova and Nicholai Ginovaef during their attempt to hail a Umbrella-issued helicopter down for evacuation from the city. The hospital was destroyed when Raccoon City was leveled by the nuclear warhead sent by Umbrella to erase any traces of their involvement with the outbreak.


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