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Raccoon City Junior School was a school in Raccoon City, located at 400 Ivy Street. It was also known as Raccoon Ridge Academy, and was founded in 1923.[1]


In September 2002, a T-virus strain contaminated The Hive, a top-secret bioweapons facility beneath Raccoon City. Umbrella's efforts to investigate the loss-of-contact led to Undead and Lickers escaping into the surface. Umbrella refused to sound the alarm and instead evacuated personnel from the city while constructing a barricade to prevent civilians escaping without testing. During this evacuation, Angela Ashford was taken out of school, but returned after the car was overturned in an accident. The outbreak spread out of control by the early afternoon, requiring the Raccoon City Police Department to send police and a K-9 unit to protect those inside. Their assistance was brief, and soon everyone but Ashford was eaten or became an Undead.

Late in the night, the school was infiltrated by a number of survivors, who had been instructed by Dr. Charles Ashford to recover his daughter in exchange for passage out of the city. This group consisted of Jill Valentine, L.J. Wayne, Terri Morales and Alice, as well as U.B.C.S. mercenaries Nicholai Ginovaef and Carlos Olivera. During the search, Morales was killed by a group of Undead children and Ginovaef by a police dog, though Valentine was successful in rescuing Ashford.

The school was destroyed in the morning by a nuclear missile fired by Umbrella.



  1. Based on Angela's costume, seen here.