Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
The Raccoon City Orphanage was an orphanage located to the north of the Raccoon Police Station.[1]

History Edit

Founded at some point before 1998 with donations raised from the city's residents,[1] the Raccoon City Orphanage in secret operated as an Umbrella facility associated with the Arklay Laboratory and NEST.[2] Children were raised there as candidates for viral weapons research, and were subject to constant injections and tests by doctors.[3] To limit information leaks, children were not allowed out of the grounds or to make phone calls.[3] When a child was needed for further testing, they were adopted as a means of keeping them at ease and explaining their later absence.[3] On 19 February 1998, one such adoptee, Oliver, escaped the facility after two months and returned back to the orphanage after being experimented on as part of ε strain research.[3] Exhibiting signs of infection, the on-site security team murdered all children to prevent any chance of a spread. To explain their absence to the citizens, the official story was given that the children were moved out to another orphanage due to it being dilapidated.[2]



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