ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)
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The Raccoon City Police Department was the main police precinct in Raccoon City.


The R.P.D. appears in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The U.S.S. Delta Team is tasked with entering the police station in order to destroy evidence against Umbrella in the Chief's office.


The layout of the building is somewhat simplified from the original version.

The series of long hallways leading to the Chief's Office has been removed, as well as the Waiting Room that leads to the main hall. When the U.S.S. is in the R.P.D., most other doors are locked or blocked, such as the door to the library. While inside the building, a version of the building's original music theme will play.

The Main Lobby, as well as most of the Exterior remain accurate, however the Station's rear parking area is radically-different. The rear parking lot is more expansive, and the ramp to the B1F garage no longer exist, also the K-9 Kennel has been relocated outside. The stairway to the Helipad is also positioned differently.

Flower Street, which originally existed behind the Police Station is not present.



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