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Raccoon City Re-Contagion was a supplement web game created by Capcom to celebrate and promote the release of the Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster, an HD Remaster of the original GameCube game.


The premise of the event was identical to the similar Raccoon City Contagion, inviting people to register with a Facebook account, a Capcom account, or a regular e-mail. Upon registering, the individual's account would be linked to the infection and add on to an infection counter, which showed the percentage of the population that the contagion had spread to.

The main site showed a map of Raccoon City and outskirts (alongside the Ecliptic Express train routes), with infection hot spots that changed and grew as the contagion counter increased. On the main site along with the map, viewers could see regular updates, individuals being infected, as well as updated news on the spread of the infection in-universe.


An example of a medical report.

When players registered for Raccoon City Re-Contagion, they received a copy of their medical record from the site. This record was a simple image that indicated their username, the place of their infection, and the "type" of zombie they had become.

Similarly to the original Contagion, extra content for the respective game (in this case Resident Evil 0) was released once the infection increased. However, unlike Contagion, Re-Contagion featured multiple infection goals at 30%, 60%, 80% and 100% infection. In addition to this, Re-Contagion featured an additional incentive to participate as random infectees could win physical prizes depending on the region.

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North American prizes

At 30% infection, several Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster wallpapers were rewarded to all infectees. When infection reached 60%, new prizes were added as possible rewards for random infectees. Once 80% infection was attained, more wallpapers and prizes were added. When 100% contagion was finally achieved, a free Resident Evil 0 Special Medley soundtrack was made available to all infectees.

Zombie Type

Each person who participated in the campaign received a "Zombie Type" after being infected. These types are as follows:

  • Cerberus (1 in 100,000 chance)
  • Civilian (relatively common)
  • Crawler (1 in 1,000 chance)
  • Crimson Head (1 in 100,000 chance)
  • Licker (1 in 100,000 chance)
  • Rookie (1 in 1,000 chance)
  • Armed Zombie (1 in 1,000 chance)
  • Exploding Zombie (1 in 1,000 chance)
  • Forest Zombie (1 in 10,000 chance)
  • Frozen Zombie (1 in 1,000 chance)
  • Graveyard Zombie (1 in 10,000 chance)
  • Hazmat Zombie (1 in 10,000 chance)
  • Hospital Zombie (1 in 10,000 chance)
  • Leech Zombie (1 in 100,000 chance)
  • Masked Zombie (1 in 1,000 chance)
  • Rotten Zombie (1 in 1,000 chance)

  • Scientist Zombie (1 in 10,000 chance)
  • Sexy Zombie (1 in 10,000 chance)
  • T-Shirt Zombie (1 in 10,000 chance)
  • Zombie Conductor (1 in 1,000 chance)
  • Zombie Construction Worker (relatively common)
  • Zombie Cook (1 in 1,000 chance)
  • Zombie Cop (relatively common)
  • Zombie Edward (1 in 100,000 chance)
  • Zombie Engineer (1 in 1,000 chance)
  • Zombie Executive Trainee (relatively common)
  • Zombie Passenger (relatively common)
  • Zombie Prisoner (1 in 1,000 chance)
  • Zombie Security Guard (relatively common)
  • Zombie Student (relatively common)
  • Zombie Test Subject (1 in 10,000 chance)
  • Zombie Umbrella Agent (1 in 10,000 chance)


During the event, a timeline could be accessed which showed 30 different incidents that occurred throughout the city between November 13, 2015 and December 7, 2015. These incidents were based on various events from the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.

RE0HD Raccoon City Recontagion fan map

A fan-made map of events.

  • "Strange events reported in the outskirts of Raccoon City! The affected area appears to be expanding, stay safe!" (1)
  • "The Ecliptic Express has arrived at Raccoon Station carrying a number of passengers." (2)
  • "There are reports of unsettling voices near the St. Michael Clock Tower. An officer was dispatched to investigate, but came back empty-handed." (3)
  • "Bizarre events reported on Bond St., near Raccoon Station. The city itself appears to be under threat now, don't let your guard down!" (4)
  • "The situation is critical! An officer witnessed walking corpses at the abandoned factory. The virus is spreading once again." (5)
  • "A number of zombies have been sighted at Raccoon City Park, plunging the city into chaos. Citizens are demanding the immediate dispatch of all police units." (6)
  • "Reports from Raccoon Zoo confirm that the virus has infected other animals, some of which have escaped and are rampaging through the city." (7)
  • "The infection appears to be spreading across town from north to south. The police department is considering barricading themselves inside the building." (8)
  • "Although police erected a roadblock at the Euston and Warren intersection, it was unable to deter the zombie hoard." (9)
  • "A number of students are reportedly under siege at Raccoon City College. No further contact has been made since." (10)
  • "Zombies reported aboard the Ecliptic Express outside town. The train has apparently stopped." (11)
  • "The infection has spread further due to the number of suspected infectees being transported to Raccoon City Hospital." (12)
  • "The TAXAGO gas station has been destroyed in an enormous explosion, which also caused numerous deaths and injuries. A number of zombies have been sighted in the surrounding inferno." (13)
  • "Some citizens have boarded up J's Bar and are supposedly planning to escape the city." (14)
  • "Scenes of a reporter being assaulted by zombies were broadcast live on air, causing further panic and confusion throughout town." (15)
  • "A runaway truck on Ema street slammed into a group of zombies, coming to a stop only after hitting the side of a building. It is thought the driver had also been zombified." (16)
  • "Citizens have been flooding to the police department in the hope of seeking refuge. This influx has also attracted a vast number of zombies, transforming the immediate area into a hellscape." (17)
  • "Citizens attempting to arm themselves have gathered at the Kendo Gun Shop, only to find the shutters rolled down. Owner Robert Kendo is nowhere to be found." (18)
  • "The remaining people barricaded inside their own homes are unable to prevent zombies from breaking in. Although a citizen militia has been formed it has been largely unsuccessful." (19)
  • "Many citizens have already been zombified. The police have lost control of the entire city." (20)
  • "A moving streetcar was sighted, although all of its passengers were reportedly zombies. The city falls further into panic." (21)
  • "Freelance journalist Bertolucci has attempted to reveal the truth behind these events, but has gone largely unnoticed by the masses who are more concerned with saving their own lives." (22)
  • "Zombie police officers have been sighted, finally eradicating any hope the people may have had for protection." (23)
  • "New creatures unlike anything seen before have been sighted. If reports are to be believed, they have an exceedingly long tongue and have already made scores of victims." (24)
  • "Bodies have been seen floating down the Circular River. Most are still moving and are believed to be zombies." (25)
  • "Fires have been reported uptown. With no help from the fire department the fires are completely out of control. Zombies have also been seen in the surrounding blaze." (26)
  • "Reports have ceased from the area to the north of Raccoon Station, and it is thought that the district has no survivors." (27)
  • "The zombies have increased in number again, filling the streets with the stench of rotting flesh and horrific wails. Any remaining survivors are few and far between." (28)
  • "An enormous explosion was reported in the Arklay mountains. No further details are known." (29)
  • "The survivors from S.T.A.R.S. sent to investigate outside town have returned. All survivors are urged to find them immediately." (30)


Further notes

  • The Ecliptic Express ticket featured in the medical records contains Tall Oaks as a departure point.

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