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Wolf Tattoo

The tattoo parlor located on Ennerdale Street in Raccoon City. Their Flickr page can be accessed here.


...aired on Radio Raccoon 112.5 FM.

"Skin is just so bare without ink. Who wants to look at pink flesh when you could be looking at amazing artwork. And it only hurts a tiny bit too. Come and see us at Raccoon City Tattoo. Ennerdale Street, Raccoon City."


The Clue is hidden in the Wolf Tattoo. The numbers are actually an IP address which will lead you here .


Further notes[]

  • The Latin tattoo says "Quod si deficiant vires, audacia certe laus erit: in magnis et voluisse sat est." Literally translated this means "Although strength should fail, the effort will deserve praise: In great enterprises, the attempt is enough." It is from an elegy by Sextus Aurelius Propertius.