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The Raccoon City tram network that ran throughout Raccoon City. It was present in the city as early as the 1960s, with future-mayor Michael Warren working on them. It had stops at Raccoon Zoo, Raccoon University, Saint Michael Clock Tower, Central Station, and Stone Ville.

Tram Routes[]

The Raccoon-Arklay Line was a linked Raccoon City to communities in the Arklay Mountains northwest of the city. The line started at Raccoon Street station and travelled northwest through Mission Street.[1]

The Raccoon Central Line (ラクーン中央線?) was a tram line in Raccoon City. Starting from Raccoon Station on Raccoon Street, the line diverted south along Central Street, stopping at a station in Lonsdale Yard, just outside the City Hall.[1] The trolley car that was used by Jill and Carlos went through this line. It was the fastest and safest way to get to the St. Michael Clocktower.

The Raccoon-Stone Ville Line was a tram line linking the midwestern communities of Raccoon City and Stone Ville. It travelled from Raccoon Street station eastwards and over the Circular River.[1]


The tram was used in September 1998 by Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira to get to St. Michael's Clock Tower from Central Station. Unfortunately, the Nemesis-T Type came aboard, and a UBCS mercenary sacrificed himself by detonating a grenade in an attempt to stop the B.O.W. The explosion broke coupling between the tram cars.

The front car collided with vehicles abandoned on Raccoon Street, derailed, and crashed through the wall of St. Michael's Clock Tower.



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