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Raccoon City outbreak

The viral outbreak in Raccoon City was caused by several actions by Umbrella employees - one release of the T-virus in Raccoon Forest, and another release of the G-Virus in the city.


Mansion IncidentEdit

Umbrella operated a research facility underneath a mansion in the isolated Arklay Mountains. It used brilliant scientists such as John Fay as unknowing contributors to their B.O.W. development program, recording the effects of the T-virus on various subjects.[1] Eventually HQ began to consider experimenting on human test subjects, and deliberately released the virus inside the facility, infecting the entire staff. This led to the unplanned side-effect of allowing the B.O.W.s to escape, risking their release into the wild.[2] While interesting as a tool for combat data, Umbrella reassigned their S.T.A.R.S. mole Albert Wesker to Raccoon City and ordered him to form a team. Through this, Umbrella would be able to prevent the spread of the virus; collect valuable data and have the participants eliminated.[3]

Some time in-between Wesker's assigning of a team and the investigation, mysterious murders at Raccoon City College prompted the new S.T.A.R.S. team to investigate. While the investigation revealed the existence of a werewolf, it was quickly rebuted as the work of a madman (the corpse having returned the body to human form). Thus, the first taste of what was in store for S.T.A.R.S. went relatively unnoticed.[4]

Following the events of the incident, S.T.A.R.S. was ordered by Umbrella to cover-up the events of the outbreak. Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers were reassigned to other S.T.A.R.S. units, though Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine were put on leave pending psychiatric evaluation. With Barry revealing his knowledge of William Birkin's G-Virus project, used their free time to plan an investigation of Umbrella's European headquarters. Chris assured his teammates that the case in Raccoon City wouldn't simply be forgotten, revealing that he made preparations for Leon Kennedy, a police officer soon to be transferred to the city, to handle their casework.[5]

The story, Dangerous Secrets, while taking place two days after the Mansion Incident, also says that Leon will arrive in the city in "a couple of days".

Raccoon CityEdit

Umbrella's influence on Raccoon City's media allowed them to disregard all rumours that the city's water supply was contaminated, contrary to the reality of the situation - the G-Virus was being dumped. William Birkin, with great pride of his completed G-Virus, had released his virus into the ecosystem as a way of proving to Umbrella the superiority over the T-virus. The media managed to cover-up the infection for some time by claiming that a new Influenza strain was moving around the city.[6] An Umbrella security team soon after attacked Dr. Birkin. However, he survived by infecting himself with the G-Virus and escaped, attacking and infecting a number of zoo animals.[7]

In the comic series, the G-Virus is similar to the T-virus, with its primary difference being that it can be passed on from one person to another. As such, Issue #2 refers to it as a G-Virus outbreak.

The virus quickly spread throughout the city within a few hours. By night time, little people were left apart from a truck driver, who was infected when he asked two zombies what was going on.[6] Meanwhile, a newly married couple - Terry and Deb - got lost in the midwest and stopped in the city to ask for directions. Stepping into Emmy's - a greasy spoon - they were killed by a zombie cook just as Claire Redfield walked inside.[8]

Meanwhile, Umbrella ordered two helicopter pilots to conduct a series of "special deliveries" to the homes or bases of Umbrella's enemies. A Tyrant, referred to as "Mr. X", was dumped on the Raccoon City Police Department; the Villalobos Mine, which was secretly developing antigens to fight their mutanogenic viruses suffered the same fate. The rival company, Frisson Chemicals, was attacked by a Pulp Spore, assisting in the collapse of its Board of Director's office. The helicopter was taken out when a failed B.O.W., "#4", escaped its capsule before they returned to base.[9]

A zookeeper, Patrick Brady, was forced to kill the zoo animals Dr. Birkin had infected. Contaminated with the virus, Patrick was saved by a S.T.A.R.S. medical team who had been sent to the zoo by Leon.[10]


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