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Apocalypse - LJ gets out of crashed car

This unidentified strip club was an adult entertainment establishment in Raccoon City. During the 2002 T-virus outbreak there the employees were mauled and infected. In the night, L.J. Wayne was harassed by two Undead strippers still shambling around their place of work.[1]

Further notes[]

  • The strip club was a dressing of AWOL Gallery, a music venue which at the time was on Ossington Avenue in Toronto. The area had become run down in 2003 due to Vietnamese gang activity, with the venue temporarily closing for the shoot. According to Oded Fehr in the DVD commentary, this particular sequence was shot in one night.[2]
  • In the novelisation by Keith DeCandido, this bar is name "The Playa's Club", and L.J. Wayne was a regular. One of the Undead he is harassed by his is personal favourite, LaWanda.[3]


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