Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Firefighters in Apple Inn.

The Raccoon Fire Department (R.F.D.) was Raccoon City's emergency service dedicated in exterminating fires and rescuing people in certain dangerous situations, such as collapsing or burning buildings or forests.

Service history

The R.F.D. took joint-action with the National Guard in a desperate attempt to suppress a forest fire in July 1998, caused by the destruction of the Arklay Laboratory by S.T.A.R.S.. An area of 750 acres (304 ha; 1.172 sq mi) was destroyed.[1]

Viral incident

007 (1)

Raccoon Fire Department in rescue mission during the outbreak.

On 24 September 1998, the Fire Department was on full alert as fires spread as a result of apparent "rioting". Two firefighters were lost at the Apple Inn, when the boiler exploded during an evacuation.[2] The Raccoon Police Department (R.P.D.) also assisted in evacuating the surrounding areas, thus saving fire survivors from the "rioters".[3]

The Fire Department remained active as late as the early hours of October 1, with a helicopter flying to and from the city to evacuate survivors. The last survivors picked up had just escaped a bomb which destroyed Raccoon University, prompting the R.F.D'.s attention.[4]

Known firefighters

  • Len (killed during operation at the Apple Inn)
  • Charlie (killed during the operation at the Apple Inn)
  • Danny (survived outbreak, escaped via helicopter)
  • Gill (survived outbreak, escaped via helicopter)
  • Tyrone Henry (unknown)




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