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The 3F passage is a floor found in Raccoon General Hospital.[1]


The 3F passage is the main thoroughfare for travel on this floor. As part of the quarantine, half of the passage is inaccessible, with shutters dropped to trap Zombies inside. The room passage nonetheless has suffered damage at the hands of mutants, and chairs in the waiting annex have been pushed over with bloodstains on the carpet suggesting violence. The reception desk at the nurses' center has been broken open and the wire mesh twisted. To protect those inside, a desktop computer has been pushed through for form a barricade. Documents from the nurses' center lie on the floor.


It should be known that the Leech Man can travel through the vents to stalk the player here. The only way out of this area is through the elevator as the stairwell to the second floor and fourth floor is gated shut.

The special item Travel Brochure is found here.


Location Localisation Original Script
The waiting annex "Chairs and the like are scattered about. someone made quite a mess here."
The nurses' center barricade "Memos and documents are scattered around".
The board opposite the barricade "Notice: increase in medical insurance fees"
The shutters "The sturdy looking shutter is closed. It doesn't look like I can open it."
The noticeboard next to Room 302 "Nurses' Station -> 2F"