The B3F Laboratory is an area of Raccoon General Hospital featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.



Vaccine Medium
Supply Switcher

Supply switcher

 can be made in this laboratory. First Hunters γ are encountered in this room also. First of all, it's necessary to activate the power supply by the switcher. After this, the chemicals synthesizer can be operated and the water in the tanks with Hunters is drained also.

Using the Medium Base, Carlos can made the Vaccine Medium by the synthesizer. After he collected the vaccine, Hunters will break the glass tank and attack him.


Location Localization Original Script
Microscope on the right hand side It is a high-precision microscope.
Small tanks It seems that they were cultivating a part of a creature's cells here.
Tanks filled with Hunters Unknow creatures are in the fish tank.
The synthesizer (Without the Medium Base) A synthesizer of chemicals. Medium Base can be set here.
The synthesizer (Power had not been activated yet) It seems that the power is shut off.
The power supply switcher It seems to be an electric power supply switcher. It is set next to the cultivation tank. Will you switch the electric power supply? Yes/No
The synthesizer (After putting the Medium Base)

Will you operate the synthesizer? Yes/No


I II III Below Quit


A B Above Quit

The synthesizer (After the Vaccine medium is taken) Nothing more.



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