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The B3F passage is an area of Raccoon General Hospital featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[1]


The passage lead to the entrance of B3F Laboratory.


After arriving here by the elevator, a pack of zombies can attack Carlos after doors are open. This monsters are random and if they had already appeared on another floor, they won't be here. Two Hunter βs can appear in that corridor if the Vaccine Medium has been just collected and the Vaccine Base has been already collected recently.


Location Localization Original Script
Devices on the right Hand trucks and old observation devices. 台車や古い診療器材が置かれている
Machines on the wall Large machines are built into the wall. 大掛かりな機械が埋め込まれている
Inside the elevator Which floor will you move to? >4F 1F Open Cancel どのフロアへ移動しますか?

4F 1F 開く やめる

Enemy near the doors The door won't close! ドアが閉まらない!
Trying to go up/down when an enemy is inside the elevator You're too busy for that! それどころじゃない!