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The Data room is an area of Raccoon General Hospital featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[1]



If Carlos hasn't met Tyrell Patrick on the B3F Laboratory entrance already, a cutscene will play, entering that room,where Nikolai shoots Tyrell. After that, Tyrell blows up the room, using the hand grenade, trying to reach the traitor. After that, interior of the room will be more destroyed and the dead body of Tyrell will be here also.

If Carlos has met Tyrell on the basement floor, then two Hunter βs will be present here. Also, an exploding object will be present here too.

H. Gun Bullets can be found on the table in that room. If they aren't here, their location is B3F Laboratory entrance.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking the open cabin A cardboard box with chemicals in it. 薬品が入っているダンボールがある
The book shelf It appears to be a book on general medical science. 医学全般に関する書籍のようだ
The book shelf (other side, undamaged) Various files on viruses and vaccines. ウイルスやワクチンについて書かれたファイルが並んでいる
Checking the formalin Unknown creatures are soaked in formalin. 得体の知れない生き物達がホルマリン漬けにされている
Window It's too dark to see anything outside. 外は真っ暗で何も見えない
Notices Virus-related notices. ウイルス関連の掲示物だ