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The rooftop is a room in the Raccoon General Hospital that is only explored in the "The Hive" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak.[1]


The rooftop is used as a helipad for the emergency transport of patients.


If Cindy or Kevin is the player character, they can interact with a wounded police officer. In doing so, they will receive a Sub Machinegun on EASY and NORMAL, or a Burst Handgun on HARD and VERY HARD, which Kevin will find without ammunition on VERY HARD. On any difficulty as Cindy, the officer will also give her a box of ammunition.

The leech zombie cannot attack players on the rooftop, though Crows will still be available as enemies and, on VERY HARD, two Zombies will also be present.

Two special items can be found on the Rooftop, which are both character-specific. David King will found Nuts & Bolts on Paths A and D, while Alyssa Ashcroft will find the Sit-up Machine on Paths B and C.


Location English script Japanese script
North side "I can see the city is in total chaos from here."
West side "A gondola used to clean the building. It's under maintenance and cannot be used."
South side "Black smoke is rising here and there throughout the city."
East side "Zombie's groans are echoing throughout the city."
Helipad "A heliport for transporting patients. It's currently vacant."
Policeman (as Kevin) "Hey buddy... Guess you made it this far for nothing."

"I heard there was a chopper here but it had already left by the time I got here."

"I'm already done for. Take this with you..."

"Argh... I'm... doomed. Rachel... Your daddy is already..."

Policeman "No response. He seems to have passed away".