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For the hotel room in Outbreak, see Apple Inn/Room 301.

Room 301 is a room on the third floor of the Raccoon General Hospital.[1] It is the starting location for 'The Hive' scenario in Resident Evil Outbreak. Here Dr. Hersh will enter the room and inform the player that the hospital is not as safe as it looks or sounds and that he plans on looking for a way out and suggests that the player does the same.


The room consists of four hospital beds, which are in differing conditions. Two have trays carrying glasses of water, with one also having two books one. One of the windows has been smashed through, with glass on the floor. A television has been left on, but only picks up static. The room's water supply, a tap for cleaning purposes, has been cut off.


No usable items appear in this room, though there are two Special Items that can be collected. Yoko Suzuki can pick up the Awful strap from the bed on the near-left, while Jim Chapman picks up the Shoe Repair Kit from the same place. The only event that takes place is Hersh's cutscene, which is triggered when approaching the exit.


Location Localisation Original script
The TV "Nothing interesting is displayed..."
The furthest bed on the right "A standard run-of-the-mill hospital bed. It's relatively small but well built."
The nearest bed on the left "I would love to sleep peacefully but this is not the time for that."
The nearest bed on the right "There's a trace of disinfectant in the air."
The gap between the beds on the right "There's a nurse call button."
"Push it? YES NO"
"The switch doesn't seem to be broken but there's no response when I push it."
The tap near the door "Nothing comes out of the faucet when turned. The water supply seems to be cut off."